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Our story

Ideathon in startup culture can be called the ‘kickstarter for ideas’. We will help corporates, N.G.O’s, Organizations and Institutions to connect with thousands of students. Corporates will be able to collect innovative ideas, valuable advice, and meaningful opinions on almost anything from the students. Companies will be saving a lot of money as Ideathon promises to be economical as possible. On the other hands, we will make sure students do get rewarded for the valuable data and ideas they provide. This can be in any form such as Internships, Prize Money and Certificates. This will be an amazing opportunity for the students to improvise their business case solving skills.


Solve or Set Problems.

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Mutual Benefit

For both solvers and challengers an integrated analytics dashboard to view, edit, manage submissions and challenges.

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Outstanding reach

Companies can reach a community of 5000 student solvers from 35+ Universities under one roof.

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Stronger with million minds

Companies can launch challenges and gets hundreds of solutions with 3-weeks.

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Ideation with Purpose

Students can brainstorm ideas and win cash prizes, internships and certificates

Wise words!

Often the difference between a successful person and a failure is not one has better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on one's ideas, to take a calculated risk - and to act.

Andre Malraux

Working with both Ideators & Companies

Make Ideation & Idea-crowdsourcing Better, Faster & Secure.

Ideathon is the perfect platform for ideators, Students & young professionals to share their game changing ideas with the world. We make sure their ideas get values they deserve!

For Ideators by Team Ideathon

Ideathon removes the hassle of crowdsourcing ideas from indviduals by introducing a common, user-friendly platform. Our specialized team even offers to compile and organize ideas for our clients at a very reasonable price.

For Corporates by Team Ideathon